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When the Same A/C Company that Installed Your $32K Complete Home HVAC Replacement then Wants to Charge You through the A$$ for Basic Maintenance and Repairs

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Couple of examples:

  1. Charging ~$450 per outside condenser (granted, they were quite dirty and required a chemical spray to loosen all the trapped "gunk" which required the A/C panels to be removed (a few screws) and cleaning from both inside the fan unit (unscrew the protective fan cover on top of the A/C unit).  End result, we're probably talking an hour's worth of work per unit max.  Note, I was asked if they'd like them to spray off the condensers but was not quoted up from on the cost involved.  Otherwise, I would have gone to Home Depot myself and bought a couple of cans of chemical spray and done it myself.  I suppose that was partially my own fault for not requesting a quote up front...but I had absolutely no idea they were going anywhere near that amount until they had my sign all their paperwork at the end of the service call.
  2. Quoting almost another $450 to clear out a primary drain line that literally drains into the bathroom sink drain line directly below the upstairs A/C unit.  Fortunately, this time (different technician) did quote the exact price.  Screw that, I chose to take care of that one myself.  Reasoning my the A/C company?  The majority of the cost quoted was to cover the A/C company in case they were to cause water damage to the house or they blow out a PVC pipe connector somewhere along the route.  But you know what the problem is with that?  When I declined to have them clear out the line, they had my sign a form saying that they would not be responsible for water damage, etc. once they left the service call!  Question: Why in the world would they not provide two different quotes for clearing out the drain line?  One quote with their "CYA" water damage risk included (the $450 quote) and a second quote for having the home owner sign off that the A/C company would not be at fault if something were to happen?  Am I just being naive here because perhaps "I don't have all the facts", or does that not seem like a reasonable option to limit the cost burden on the customer?